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Best Affordable 99 Rose Bouquets in Singapore

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Roses are most commonly associated with love.

These timeless blooming beauties are the epitome of romance and elegance, making it the perfect gift for your significant other that will serve as a true testament to your admiration, love, and passion.

Here at Well Live Florist, we carry a selection of stunning and cheap roses. Shop from our rose bouquets and roses in a box today!

What Do The Colour of Roses Mean

Roses are beautiful creations that come in an array of colours, ranging from iconic red to elite shades of purple.

Here are the most common rose colours and what they symbolise:

Red Roses

Red roses are the ultimate symbol of love.

They are perfect for occasions like your wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or even when you’re feeling more romantic and want to say “I love you” to your significant other.

If you’re buying roses for your spouse, red roses are a solid choice!

Pink Roses

A bouquet of pink roses symbolises gratitude and appreciation.

They make a great gift for occasions like Mother’s Day, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and the birth of a new baby girl.

If you would like to congratulate or show your appreciation to someone other than your spouse, a bouquet of pink roses is an excellent choice!

White Roses

White roses are most commonly associated with purity and innocence.

They are usually given to celebrate new beginnings and are perfect for weddings and other ceremonial events like graduations.

Why Choose 99 Rose Bouquets From Well Live Florist?

Exquisite, Handcrafted Rose Bouquets

Here at Well Live Florist, we offer affordable yet elegant rose bouquets at some of the most competitive prices in Singapore.

Only the freshest and highest quality bouquets leave our doors, so you can be assured that the rose bouquets will reach you in prime condition and ready to surprise the love of your life.

Free Islandwide Same-Day 99 Roses Delivery

We offer FREE islandwide rose delivery with no minimum order.

Plus, we can guarantee that your rose bouquets will arrive at your desired location punctually — otherwise, your order is free.

Self-collection is also available for those who prefer to self-collect their bouquets.

Please refer to our delivery guidelines for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Rose Bouquets in Singapore

What is the meaning of 99 roses in Singapore?

99 roses symbolise — “I will love you till the day I die!”, and are thus an excellent choice to show your love and admiration to your significant other.

How much do 99 roses cost in Singapore?

Our stunning handcrafted rose bouquets are priced affordably, check out our collection to find out more.

How long does a bouquet of roses last in Singapore?

Roses usually last up to one week after being cut.

However, their lifespan can be prolonged if you follow proper steps like cutting the stems, replacing the water every few days, and using flower food.

Does Well Live Florist do same-day deliveries for rose bouquets in Singapore?

Yes! We can deliver your 99 roses bouquet on the same day if you order before 2.30 pm!