CNY Hamper P06
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CNY Hamper P06

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CNY Hamper P06

  1. JYY Grand Royal Bird's Nest with American Ginseng, White Fungus and Rock Sugar- 5x85ml
  2. JYY Essence Of Chicken With American Ginseng And Cordyceps- 3x70ml
  3. YNNS Superior Australia Wild Abalone (Large)- 1x425g
  4. JYNNS Premium Braised Abalone Japanese Species (2-3pcs)- 1x425g
  5. JYNNS Premium Australia Abalone Species (6pcs)- 1x425g
  6. JYNNS Premium Braised Abalone Japanese Species (8 - 10pcs)- 1x425g
  7. Wild Ginseng Gift Box- 1box
  8. Selected Cordyceps Sinensis Gift Box- 1box
  9. Imperial Bird's Nest- 5pcs
  10. JYNNS Youfinity Golden Me-Yan Bird‘s Nest- 5pcs
  11. Selected Fish Maw Gift Box- 1box
  12. Selected Scallop- 6pcs
  13. Graded Codyceps Flower- 1x30g
  14. High Graded Tremella- 1x30g
  15. Ginseng Candy- 2x50g
  16. Martell Cognac XO- 1x700ml
  17. Hennessy X.O Frank Gehry Limited Edition- 1x700ml
  18. Auspicious Dual Horse- 1pc
  19. Prosperous Golden Ox Collection- 1pc

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