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Bridal Car Decor

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  • Journey To Eternity

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    $338.00 - $338.00
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    Our pastel color bridal car decor elegantly combines soft hues of pink, white, champagne, and mint green. It in corporates fresh flower likes rose...

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  • Tie With Love

    Original price $298.00 - Original price $298.00
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    $298.00 - $298.00
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    This stunning Phalaenopsis bridal car decor features beautiful and exotic orchids, lending a touch of elegance and romance. These stunning blooms ...

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  • Love's Journey

    Original price $268.00 - Original price $268.00
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    $268.00 - $268.00
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    This image showcases a bridal car adorned with vibrant fresh red roses. The blossoming roses, set among fresh greenery, are gracefully arranged to...

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Bridal car flower decor is a beautiful and essential addition to any wedding day. It is designed to enhance the overall aesthetic of the wedding car and create a romantic and elegant atmosphere. 

Door Handle Decorations: A popular choice is to attach small posies or corsages to the door handles. These can be made with fresh flowers or artificial flowers, depending on preference. They often feature a combination of roses, carnation, baby's breath, and greenery.

Bonnet Arrangement: The bonnet of the car is usually adorned with a larger floral arrangement. This can be made with flowers that match the bridal bouquet or complement the wedding color scheme. Common choices include cascading flowers such as orchids, roses, carnation, gerbera, or lily, mixed with various types of foliage for an organic look.

Roof Wreath: Another option is to create a wreath that can be attached to the roof of the car. This can be made with fresh or artificial flowers and includes a variety of blooms such as sunflowers, peonies, or daisies. The wreath is often made in a circular shape and placed strategically to add a touch of elegance to the car.

Ribbon Accents: To further enhance the overall look, ribbons in coordinating colors can be added to the floral arrangements or tied around the car's side mirrors. These ribbons can match the bridesmaids' dresses or the wedding theme, creating a cohesive and stylish look.

Window Decorations: Small floral accents can be added to the windows, creating a charming and whimsical touch. These can be simple garlands made with baby's breath or small blossoms secured with suction cups or ribbon.

Overall, the bridal car flower decor should create a cohesive and romantic look, tying together the overall wedding theme. The choice of flowers, colors, and placement can be customized to the couple's preferences, ensuring a beautiful and personalized touch to their special day.