Best Flower Boxes in Singapore

Here at Well Live Florist, we carry a wide variety of beautiful flower boxes that are perfect for special occasions and as impressive gifts.

We send out only the most elegant, exquisite, and meaningful flower boxes that will look great in any space and impress even the toughest critic.

Our flowers are hand picked and harvested at the peak of their blooming beauty, which is what makes them unique and extraordinary.

Why Choose Flower Boxes From Well Live Florist

Extensive Range Of Flower Boxes

We provide a range of bloom boxes in different shapes including rectangular, oval and square depending on your preferences.

We can also accommodate all types of occasions with various boxes available in different sizes.

Plus, our flower boxes are also packaged differently depending on the orders made, perfect if you would like to customise your order.

Free Same-Day Islandwide Flower Box Delivery

We offer free islandwide flower box delivery with no minimum order. Simply place your order before 2.30 p.m and contact us to arrange the collection timing.

Find out more about our delivery guidelines here.

Guaranteed Punctual Flower Box Delivery, Otherwise Your Order Is Free

We can guarantee that your flower boxes will be delivered to your desired location punctually. In the unlikely event that your delivery is late, a full refund will be given.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Bloom Boxes

How Do I Make My Bloom Box Last Longer in Singapore?

To help your flowers stay fresh longer, we recommend:

  • Keeping the flower box away from direct sunlight
  • Being exposed to sunlight can cause and accelerate wilting in your flowers. Thus, it is ideal that you keep them in an area without sunlight.

  • Keeping your flowers in a cool environment
    This can help to preserve their freshness and make them last longer.

  • Picking out wilting blooms as soon as possible
  • Once a flower has died, you should remove it ASAP. This is because dead flowers release a gas called ethylene that is harmful to living flowers.

    How Long Will My Bloom Box Last?

    Fresh flowers will last between 3-5 days, while preserved and dried flowers can last around 1-3 years if cared for properly.

    What Occasions Are Bloom Boxes Suitable For?

    Bloom boxes are great choices for table arrangements, decorations, and as a stunning gift to a loved one.

    Does Well Live Florist Do Same-Day Deliveries in Singapore?

    Yes! We can deliver your flower box on the same day if you order before 2.30 pm!