Chinese New Year Flower

Looking for a way to celebrate Chinese New Year this year? One of the many ways you can do so is by getting Chinese New Year flowers in Singapore, as bouquets or flowers bring along much symbolism related to the Chinese culture, such as prosperity, health, luck and many more.

Besides getting them as CNY flower deco, you may also consider CNY flowers in Singapore as a gift for your family, friends and even colleagues or business partners! You will never have to stress over the festive season again when deciding what to gift for the Chinese New Year.

Well Live Florist provides a wide selection of unique Chinese new year plants and flowers in Singapore, so if you spot something that you fancy, do get your orders in before the end of the month as we provide 100% free islandwide delivery!  

Prosper & Usher With Chinese New Year Flowers In Singapore

Fresh & High-Quality CNY Flower Arrangements In Singapore

With high-quality Chinese New Year flower arrangements in Singapore, you can easily create a festive vibe & atmosphere when you use it as a CNY flower deco for your office or living spaces. If you choose to gift it to your loved ones, it will surely make their day as well!

Finding CNY Flowers In Singapore That Fits Your Needs Or Budget

Getting CNY flower arrangements in Singapore need not break the bank! You will be surprised to know that our collection of flowers for CNY in Singapore starts from a very affordable price of SGD 68, inclusive of 100% free delivery islandwide! 

And getting your CNY flowers from us will help you save time and money when you are looking to get flowers for this festive season. 

If you cannot find a specific flower that fits your preference or is looking for another kind of Chinese New Year flower arrangement in Singapore, do feel free to contact us & let us know as soon as possible!

On-Time Delivery For All Chinese New Year Plants And Flowers 

Chinese New Year Plants And Flowers from Well Live Florist has also been featured as the #1 choice on Not only do we boast a wide range of flowers or Chinese New Year plants in Singapore to ensure that every preference is covered.

Our dedicated courier team runs for the whole week (including weekends), and the same-day delivery option is always possible if you place your order before the cut-off time. We also provide a 100% guarantee on all deliveries. Click here to learn more.

Why Choose Chinese New Year Plants And Flowers From Well Live Florist

Sending beautiful flowers and Chinese New Year plants in Singapore is easier than ever with Well Live Florist! You can easily browse through our comprehensive collection of flowers for CNY in Singapore with just a few clicks. 

We only use and source the most premium blooms in our flower arrangements at Well Live Florist. Coupled with our efficient couriers who provide fresh CNY flower delivery service, your recipient will definitely be smiling with joy upon receiving them. Order your Chinese New Year flowers in Singapore with us today. We guarantee you won’t only save time, but our free delivery guarantee means that you’ll save money too!

And when it comes to CNY flowers in Singapore, only the most auspicious blooms from Well Live Florist represent the significance of the Chinese New Year. So get your CNY flowers today, or send a surprise flower delivery for your recipients this festive season to usher and prosper together!

Frequently Asked Questions About Chinese New Year Flowers In Singapore

Why Do People Buy Chinese New Year Flowers In Singapore?

As CNY is usually a festival to attract fortune, good health and luck, auspicious Chinese New Year Flowers in Singapore are a common choice of CNY flower deco for living spaces or office space. It is one of the must-haves as it shows the festive colours of the festive season. 

What Kind Of Chinese New Year Plants In Singapore Symbolizes Luck?

The Jade plant is known to be one of the Chinese New Year plants that brings wealth, good fortune and luck during the festive season.

Does Well Live Florist Provide Free Delivery For CNY Flowers In Singapore?

Yes, we definitely do! However, do place your orders earlier for CNY flowers in Singapore as we have limited slots for delivery.

What Kind Of Chinese New Year Plants And Flowers Do People Like?

In tradition, the Chinese celebrate CNY yearly, like Chrysanthemums, symbolising elegance and nobility. However, different flowers convey different meanings, so it is best to choose one that fits your preference!