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Chinese New Year Hamper

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Usher in the new year with auspicious and attractive hampers for CNY in Singapore! Each of our unique CNY hampers is packed with the finest goodies such as health supplement tonics, herbs, the essence of chicken & even bird nests! You have come to the right place if you want to get a CNY gift hamper in Singapore.

Besides gifting flower bouquets, Chinese New Year Hampers in Singapore are perfect as a gift for your family and friends, colleagues and even business partners. Our CNY hampers in Singapore are not only elegant looking, but it also symbolises good fortune, prosperity and luck.

Get your Hampers for CNY in Singapore from us today. With our wide selection of Unique CNY hampers, there will be something for everyone. Our auspicious hampers will never fail to impress your recipients and bring smiles across their faces! 

Place your order earlier to avoid disappointment as our stocks are limited!

Send CNY Wishes With Chinese New Year Hampers In Singapore

Auspicious And High-Quality Hampers For CNY In Singapore

Each of our hampers for CNY in Singapore is carefully assembled to convey auspicious greetings and symbolizes good fortune, health and prosperity. With the broadest range of high-quality items within our unique CNY hamper, there will definitely be a perfect Chinese New Year gift hamper that you can send as a gift to your friends and family!

CNY Hampers In Singapore That Fits Your Needs Or Budget

At Well Live Florist, we ensure to never compromise on the quality despite trying to fit any kind of budget you may have while looking for CNY gift hampers in Singapore. Our most affordable Chinese New Year Gift hamper inclusive of free island wide delivery. 

And getting your CNY hampers in Singapore from us will help you save time and money when you are looking to gift hampers for this festive season. 

If you cannot find a specific Chinese New Year hamper in Singapore which fits your preference or is looking for another kind of arrangement, do feel free to contact us & let us know as soon as possible!

On-Time Delivery For All CNY Gift Hampers In Singapore

Our delivery service for Chinese New Year Hampers in Singapore has also been featured as the #1 choice on Not only do we boast a wide range of festive gift hampers to ensure that every preference is covered.

Our dedicated courier team runs for the whole week (including weekends), we also provide a 100% guarantee on all deliveries. Click here to learn more.

Let Well Live Florist help you usher & prosper in the roaring new year with our auspicious hampers for CNY in Singapore!

Why Choose CNY Hampers In Singapore From Well Live Florist

Sending auspicious hampers for CNY in Singapore is easier than ever with Well Live Florist! You can easily browse through our comprehensive collection of hampers for CNY in Singapore with just a few clicks. 

We only use and source the most premium health supplements/items in our hamper arrangements at Well Live Florist. Coupled with our efficient couriers who provide efficient CNY hamper delivery service, your recipient will definitely be smiling with joy upon receiving them. 

Order your Chinese New Year hampers in Singapore with us today. We guarantee you won’t only save time, but our free delivery guarantee means that you’ll save money too! Send a unique CNY hamper for your recipients this festive season to usher and prosper together!

Frequently Asked Questions About Chinese New Year Hampers In Singapore

What Does A Chinese New Year Hamper In Singapore Contain?

A Chinese New Year Hamper in Singapore usually contains a wide variety of health supplements or luxury traditional tonics that conveys the meaning of prosperity and longevity, along with other different delicacies and sweet treats.

What Colours Should CNY Hampers In Singapore Have?

In Chinese culture, red, gold, and yellow are auspicious colours that bring luck and good fortune. Our collection of CNY hampers in Singapore has been carefully thought of to include these colours of good wishes. 

Why Do People Gift Chinese New Year Hampers In Singapore?

Sending a CNY gift hamper in Singapore is not unusual. In fact, it has been considered a tradition to gift or accept gifts during the Chinese New Year. You can send unique CNY hampers to your business partners, colleagues, friends and family to celebrate the festive occasion and convey your sincere wishes to them simultaneously.

Does Well Live Florist Provide Free Delivery For CNY Hampers In Singapore?

Yes, we definitely do! However, do place your orders earlier for CNY hampers in Singapore, as we have limited slots for delivery.