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8 Apology Flowers: Say Sorry With These Elegant Blooms - Well Live Florist

8 Apology Flowers: Say Sorry With These Elegant Blooms

Human beings aren't perfect. We make the occasional faux pax and sometimes end up unintentionally hurting people. Whether a friend or a loved one, we want to return to their good graces again. 

Words are too trite and overused, so why not change up your apology? Instead of a simple "I'm sorry" or "I won't ever do it again", why don't we give more weight to our words through apology flowers? 

Flowers are perfect for almost all occasions. They're not just for festive events like birthdays or Valentine's Day but also a meaningful show of remorse. 

When words fail, and you can't think of any other way to make a friend or lover forgive you, try giving them a bouquet of some of the most popular apology flowers.

1. White Tulips


Even as far back as ancient times, the colour white has consistently been recognised as a symbol of purity. Ancient architectures were donned with white ornaments, while religious figures often wore white clothing.

So how come white tulips are on the list? Well, if you think about it, it's an appropriate choice. Generally, tulips are one of the most popular forgiveness flowers. They represent genuine remorse and sincerity. 

On the other hand, white tulips can stand for renewed hope and purity of intentions. They're great apology flowers to apologise for your actions truly.

If you want to add a pop of colour to your gift, add a few stalks of pink tulips. They're cheery, vibrant, and will make anyone smile at the sight.

2. Lily Of The Valley


Lily of the valley flowers have a rich and interesting backstory. Biblical legends say that these flowers sprouted from Eve's tears after being exiled from the Garden of Eden. Hence, the bulbs come in a bell, almost tear-like shape, and come in clusters on a leafless stalk.

As apology flowers, you definitely won't go wrong with the lily of the valley. If you've recently gotten into a serious argument with someone, giving them a bouquet of lily of the valley shows your intentions for a fresh start.

They represent your desire to bury the hatchet and rekindle the romance or friendship. It's water under the bridge, as they say.

3. Pink Roses


Roses have long been recognised as a universal symbol of love. The sight of a fresh bouquet of roses is enough to tug at the heartstrings. They're a popular fixture on Valentine's Day all over the globe.

But surprisingly, roses also work best as apology flowers. The pink variety, in particular, represents gratitude and recognition.

Think about it. If you've gotten into a heated exchange with someone dear to you, won't you want forgiveness? Don't you want them to feel that no argument is greater than your appreciation for them?

If you can't express your apologies in words, hand them a bouquet of pink roses. They're colourful, easy on the eyes, and will convey the sincerity of your apology.

4. Pink Carnations


With frilly, fringe-shape petals, pink carnations are another batch of pink flowers to help you say sorry. The leaves' unique shape is truly a sight to behold. You also can't discount the fact that they look every bit as elegant and stunning.

When it comes to their symbolism, pink carnations are great flowers to send when you've forgotten to greet someone on their birthday or had to postpone a date. 

Tell them that you haven't forgotten about them. You want to make up for the missed time by sending them fresh pink carnations with a personalised message for added thoughtfulness.

5. Peonies


At first glance, peonies don't seem to convey messages of shame and humiliation. How can flowers as beautiful as them carry anything but positive meanings? But, these dark symbolisms trace their origins to ancient Greek mythology.

It all started when a beautiful nymph named Peonia caught the eyes of Apollo. Out of spite, Aphrodite transformed the nymph into a peony, and the rest, as they say, is history.

As centuries passed, however, people eventually began to recognise the humble peony for its beauty. If you feel embarrassed about unintentionally hurting a friend or family member, pink peonies are the perfect apology-slash-friendship flowers to express them.

With a new and more positive symbolism, peonies are ideal apology flowers. Let someone know you're truly sorry with an elegant bouquet of peonies.


6. Hydrangeas


How hydrangeas became popular apology flowers is rooted in an ancient Japanese folktale. 

As the story goes, a Japanese emperor gave hydrangeas to a former lover's family. It was his way of trying to make up for abandoning her in favour of his business. It also showed his enduring care and gratitude for having been a part of the maiden's life.

It's no surprise that hydrangeas make excellent apology flowers. They represent regret and forgiveness. If you've ever lost touch with a family member or did something you deeply regret, give them a bouquet of hydrangeas, just as the Japanese emperor did.

7. Hyacinth


Image Credit: Wikipedia (Hyacinth)

Purple hyacinths have long been associated with forgiveness. In Greek mythology, it was said the flower was borne out of Apollo's apology. The great god of the sun accidentally killed the Spartan prince Hyacinthus, widely renowned for his elegance and beauty.

Apollo was utterly remorseful about his actions, as he also had quite a fondness for Hyacinthus. After expressing deep sorrow and regret, beautiful purple hyacinths sprung from the ground where the Spartan's body lay.

Hyacinths are the perfect way to express your deepest apologies to someone. In many ways, they're also a peace offering. A gift of these blooms will never fail to bring out a smile.

8. White Orchids


If you've never taken care of orchids, you must know they're incredibly delicate and fragile. They need extra tender loving care for them to flourish into beautiful flowers.

As apology flowers, white orchids carry the same delicate traits. The flowers represent sincerity, while the colour white stands for purity and new beginnings. Give these lovely flowers to a friend or family member to whom you wish to make amends.


Conclusion About Apology Flowers

Ready to say sorry to your dear friend or beloved partner? Express your most profound love and apologies with any of these beautiful flowers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Apology Flowers

How Can I Keep My Flowers Fresh?

Cut flowers can last up to one week (due to Singapore’s humid weather) with the proper care and attention. After receiving a bouquet of freshly-cut flowers, make sure to do the following to keep your flowers fresh: 

  • Place them in a fitting vase filled 3/4 from the bottom with water.
  • Change the water every two to three days.
  • Avoid direct sunlight and wind drafts.
  • Remove excess leaves.

Are Sunflowers Apology Flowers?

Yes. When you don't want your apology to be too formal or serious, a gift of sunflowers may do the trick to make someone smile.

What Flowers Shouldn't You Give To Say Sorry?

Avoid black dahlias, mainly blooms with a deep burgundy hue. They have negative connotations, such as betrayal and even death.

Can You Give Peonies As Birthday Gifts?

Absolutely! Peonies are just stunningly gorgeous. They're a thoughtful gift, and their unique appearance can lift anyone's spirits.

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