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20 Sought-After Friendship Flowers In Singapore - Well Live Florist

20 Sought-After Friendship Flowers In Singapore


Flowers are found to improve emotional health. So, don’t miss the opportunity to show your friends how much you value and love them with these sought-after friendship flowers.

Flowers are the perfect gift for your friends because apart from their beauty and fragrance, they also hold specific symbolism, which varies from one variety of flowers to another.

For example, red roses express love and passion while alstroemeria symbolises strong friendship or strong love bonding between people. Some flowers even have more than one meaning. This article covers popular friendship flowers with their associated symbols and meaning. Check them out below.

1. Yellow Roses

Image Credit: Well Live Florist (Dayana)

Yellow roses are the perfect example of friendship flowers as they represent happiness and joy in a friendship. Moreover, they also represent new beginnings. Because of such, they are considered the ideal gift to rekindle a friendly relationship.

Roses come in a variety of colours from red, white, yellow, pink, purple, orange, blue and even coffee colored. Reach out to an old friend and send them an exquisite and classy rose flower bouquet. It’s a perfect way to show that you value and want to continue the friendship.

2. Gerbera Daisies


The Gerbera Daisies have so many meanings. But mainly, yellow and pink have strong symbols of friendship. Pink symbolises adoration, admiration, and having a high esteem for someone. On the other hand, yellow daisies mean you are happy with the relationship you have with others. Either way, giving your friend a bouquet of Gerbera will show how you look up to them and admire them as a source of happiness from being their friend.

Because of their colourful profile, they are typically mixed in a bouquet and other flowers.

3. Sunflowers


The lively yellow colour of sunflowers represents the sun across the sky, symbolising adoration and loyalty to someone you admire. Sending someone a sunflower bouquet with fresh, elegant flowers will show how highly you think of someone and consider them a true friend.

Contrary to popular belief, sunflowers come in other colours as well from cream, gold, orange, red, mahogany, and even chocolate brown.

4. Orchid


Orchids are among the rarest flowers found around the world. That is because orchids grow naturally in tropical forests. Others who wish to cultivate orchids have to grow them inside greenhouses.

An orchid’s colour range greatly from hues of red, pink, white, blue (which are dyed), green, purple, orange, and yellow. Yellow orchids symbolise new beginnings and joy, making them perfect gifts for friends about to start a new chapter in their lives. Similarly, you can give orchid flower bouquet to someone you had a conflict with to move on from the past to a more meaningful future.

5. Hydrangeas


You can find wild hydrangeas in a mesic forest or areas where there’s constant supply of moisture like along streams. They can also be found in rocky and drier areas but usually in partially shaded areas.

Like other flowers, they carry different meanings and symbols depending on the colour. Other colour varieties range from pink to blue, violet to purple, green, and white. Among the variety of colours, the blue hydrangeas are the perfect gift if you’re looking to make amends with someone dear to you.

6. Tulips


Even though tulips come in other colours such as white, cream yellow, red, violet, purple, green, orange, bronze, apricot, maroon, black, and brown, pink-colored tulips are the go-to present for people who are about to face a new chapter or challenge in their lives. Other colours represent other meanings but pink tulips are a delightful way to symbolise your affection and send someone good wishes.

7. Ivy



All right, Ivy isn’t necessarily a flower, but they symbolise something strongly related to friends. Ivy plants can’t easily let go of something it has attached themselves to, making them perfect gifts to show fidelity and faithfulness.

You will also find ivy with other colour variations that range from deep green to yellow, orange, red, to deep maroon.

8. Geranium


Geranium isn’t something you’d typically find in Singapore. It’s one of the rarest flowers, like the orchid flowers we just mentioned above. You can find them in some parts of Northern Europe, which requires a cold climate to strive.

Despite having a range of colour varieties from white, red, pink, orange, and purple, Geranium generally symbolises good wishes, good health, and friendship. So you will want to give your friends geranium flowers to wish them good health and desires in their life.

9. Gladiolus


Gladiolus symbolises a variety of meanings you can apply to different situations. They also come in different colours from pink, red, purple, yellow, orange, white, and green.

Generally, gladiolus flowers are a great choice if you want to show someone you are compassionate. Another message can mean you believe in someone so much that you trust and know they can overcome any challenges.

10. Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lilies)



Alstroemeria, more popular as Peruvian lily, are among those flowers with a handful of spiritual interpretations. However, the most common symbolism behind these flowers is companionship and friendship.

Specifically, the colour yellow Peruvian lily signifies happiness and energy, making them a great gift to show someone how happy you are with them. Alternatively, red symbolises love and passion, making them a perfect gift for someone you love passionately.

11. Chrysanthemums


Chrysanthemums are popular friendship flowers as they reflect plenty of symbols. Among these include joy and optimism. If you are delighted about your friendship and wish for a more meaningful future together, these are the perfect friendship flowers to include in your bouquet.

If you want, you can add in some colors in a bouquet since Chrysanthemums also come in other colours such as white, red, purple, lavender, and orange.

12. Pear blossom


Image Credit: Garden Guides

Unlike the other flowers in this list, the pear blossom only has a white colour variation. As such, it’s no wonder this symbolises purity and longevity. If you wish for more fruitful years with your pure friend, then make sure to include some pear blossoms in your flower bouquet.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to grow your pear tree in Singapore. Even if you could find someone who does, they don’t usually sell these flowers.

13. Campanula


Campanula is another popular friendship flower as they bloom through July and August. It symbolises gratitude, making them a perfect gift for friends you are thankful for. Alternatively, campanula is a great way to show your friends you want to return the kindness.

14. Lavender



Lavender flowers only come with one colour, unlike most of the flowers on the list. But despite the lack thereof, it comes with a handful of symbolism. Even the colour itself speaks of refinement, elegance, and even luxury.

Make sure to include lavender flowers in your friendship flower bouquet to show your friends you value them by having a touch of elegance and luxury.

15. Zinnia


Zinnia is a colourful bunch of flowers that will easily brighten up anyone’s gardens. Colours range from pink, purple, orange, red, lavender, yellow, to green. Due to the variety of colours, a bouquet of zinnia flowers can easily brighten up the looks. What’s excellent about zinnia is that you can find them almost all year round since they bloom even after the blossoms are cut.

Sending a friend a bouquet of zinnia flowers sends a message that you will always be there for them.

16. Daffodils


Daffodils are the perfect friendship flower gifts if you wish someone positivity, new hope, good fortune, and joy. These are also excellent gifts to show someone you value your new relationship with them. They come in colours of white, pink, orange, and yellow, with yellow being the most-preferred gift for friends.

17. Freesia


Image Credit: Wikipedia (Freesia)

Generally, freesia flowers mean trust, thoughtfulness, and innocence, making them a popular gift for friends and family. However, there are some colours of freesia that have specific meanings.

For example, white freesias symbolise purity and innocence, which is why they are popular wedding flowers. On the other hand, pink freesias symbolise motherly love, while yellow and red freesias symbolise renewal and passion, respectively.

18. Iris


Apart from royalty, other common symbolism for irises includes hope, trust, dedication, and courage. But the most common symbolism behind the iris flower is wisdom.

Giving your friend iris flowers means you appreciate the dedication and trust you both share. Wisdom and strength are other common symbolisms connected to iris flowers, which means giving someone irises sends a message that you appreciate them for standing up for you.

19. Cymbidium


Cymbidium is another set of rare flowers but are great friendship flowers because they symbolise pure friendship. Even though they are native to Brazil, you can find people who cultivate these in Singapore. This Anastasia bouquet is a perfect gift for your friends!

20. Delphinium


Image Credit: Truly Experiences

Delphiniums are an excellent choice of friendship flowers as they don’t just add a dramatic spike of colour to any bouquet. Still, they also represent feelings of goodwill, happiness, and joy. That means congratulating someone by giving them a bouquet of delphinium is a great idea.


Choosing the right kind and colour combination is the key to picking the right friendship flower. Alternatively, if you live in Singapore, you can just conveniently buy a bouquet from reputable online florists like Well Live Florist. Buy fresh flowers now, and avail of our free delivery 

Frequently Asked Questions About Friendship Flowers

What Flower Represents Loyalty And Friendship?

As covered above, many flowers represent loyalty and friendship, but the more popular options would be Sunflowers and Yellow Roses.

What Flower Colour Means Friendship?

Yellow flowers. The colour yellow itself is primarily associated with spreading joy and happiness. Furthermore, it is also the colour of friendship.

Which Rose Is For Friendship?

The yellow rose is the rose for friendship as it symbolises happiness, joy, and new beginnings, unlike red or pink roses, which symbolise passion and love.

What Are The Best Occasions To Give Flowers To Friends?

There are many occasions on which you can give a flower bouquet to your friends. Among these include but are not limited to the following events:

  • Friendships Day
  • Thanks-giving
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary Celebrations
  • Housewarming
  • Baby showers
  • Get well soon
  • Convocation Ceremonies
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