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8 Housewarming Gift Ideas For Homeowners - Well Live Florist

8 Housewarming Gift Ideas For Homeowners

housewarming gift ideas

What Are The Best Housewarming Gift Ideas?

  1. Hand bouquet
  2. Flower box
  3. Flower hampers
  4. Flower dome
  5. Flowers in a vase
  6. Dried flowers
  7. Hot air balloon bouquet
  8. Plush toys

Moving into a new apartment or buying a new house can be fulfilling. But, it can also be overwhelming. Someone you know may be stressing over the details, such as unpacking boxes or finalising documents. Why not make the task less taxing by giving them good housewarming gifts they'll surely remember you by? Finding the right present can be tricky, so we've done the legwork for you. Here are 8 housewarming gift ideas that can lift a friend or loved one's spirits as they change living quarters.

1. Hand Bouquet

If your loved one has recently moved into a new space, they probably haven't figured out what to put in it. Sure, they may have a rough idea of where the bedroom will go or where the furniture will be placed, but their new humble abode may remain bare for quite some time. 

So why not try to liven up the space with a new gift of hand flower bouquets? Hand bouquets are much like your average bouquets but more personalised and charming. They make for a great housewarming gift because flowers are vibrant, elegant and add a touch of colour to any space.

Be a part of your friend’s housewarming festivities by giving them a bright, sunflower hand bouquet. This collection of flowers will surely bring a smile to their faces. There's nothing like the sight of sunflowers to help them forget the stresses of moving, even for a moment. 

2. Flower Box

Elevate your flower bouquets with lovely, exquisitely-made flower boxes. A bouquet of market-fresh flowers can do the trick, but flower boxes take this up a notch. Aside from lush red roses and beautiful carnations, a flower box can include a rich bottle of red wine or champagne.

Luxury Delight is a versatile flower box, perfect for any occasion. This unique housewarming gift features a fine selection of blooms with complementary filler flowers—toast to the new milestone with an added bottle of Moët champagne. Moving into a new place is a cause for celebration, after all. 

My Beautiful Beloved is also an excellent fit for a more classically-vintage vibe. Give this flower box present to someone very dear to your heart — a significant other, maybe? Celebrate this new journey with them by adorning their home with fresh orchids, roses, and eustomas.

3. Flower Hampers

For a more practical gift, the recipient will appreciate flower hampers. These presents are just a delight to receive (and open). Flower hampers are fit for housewarming events or any special occasion you can think of.

We recommend the Chauntelle flower hamper. The gift features a selection of well-preserved flowers and beautiful foliage. Anyone with a sweet tooth would appreciate this flower hamper, as it also comes with delicious chocolates like Ferrero Rocher, Kinder Bueno, and Cadbury. All these items are arranged neatly in a finely-crafted round box. Your loved one can repurpose it as a pencil holder or multi-purpose storage for their new place.

4. Flower Dome

A flower dome is another apt housewarming gift. Stored in each glass dome are well-preserved floral blooms lasting up to 2 years. The entire setup is even more mesmerising with the bright light effect, showcasing each petal's beauty.

Flower domes can be stored anywhere. They make for great centrepieces or even night lamps. The Loretta flower dome, for example, is a fine choice. You can give it to someone who's fond of terrariums or one who appreciates a gift from the heart. 

5. Flowers In A Vase

Basic doesn't have to be boring. If you want to keep your housewarming present simple, practical, and memorable, go for flowers in a vase. There's a reason why these flowers have stood the test of time. They fit anywhere, be it a dusty old wardrobe or a newly-built marble countertop. The recipient will have no problem thinking of various ways to fit this gift in with the rest of their decor and furniture.

Add a touch of pink to someone's flat or bungalow with the Gleefulness flower-in-vase selection. Lilacs and soft pink roses are the stars of the show. The vase design is nothing short of stellar — its soft, grooved marks give off a modern and minimalist feel. These flowers will brighten any contemporary dining area, living room, and the like. 

6. Dried Flowers

A long-lasting floral arrangement is a perfect way to mark one of life's most significant milestones. Dried flowers, though simple they may be, are another welcome gift for someone who's recently moved in. They're much more than just preserved pieces of nature. Instead, dried flowers symbolise permanence and everlastingness. 

Moving into a new home or recently-purchased flat takes great courage. What better way to affirm the person's decision than with a thoughtful gift of dried blooms? The Evie mini vase bouquet is a captivating collection of dried flowers your recipient will love. Celebrate the move together with a cute collection of miniature dried blooms that can last for years.

7. Plush Toys

Nobody is too old for a plush toy. Even the young-at-heart will appreciate cute gifts such as this. Plus, they're ideal for all occasions and celebrations. As housewarming gifts, in particular, plush toys are a lovely memento.

Our Enchanted plush toy has been made even more welcoming with a monkey plushie and small hand bouquet. Add a little extra to the gift with a home fragrance diffuser oil. Liven up any space and make it more fragrant with this housewarming gift idea. 

8. Hot Air Balloon And Bouquet

Personalise your housewarming gift and make it more meaningful with the hot air balloon and bouquet selection. The gift features lovely, fresh-cut flowers from the market. The flowers are indeed stunning, but the balloon makes this collection special. Congratulate your family or friend on their achievement. Let them know with a customised message on the balloon. 

Complement the gift with other add-ons. The Grigori 2019 Merlot and delectable Ferrero Rocher chocolates make a great pair. You could also add a touch of fragrance with an aromatic diffuser oil. 


We've rounded up some of the best housewarming gift ideas on this list. With multiple options to choose from, you'll no doubt put a smile on a new homeowner's (or flat renter's) face.

Good housewarming gifts are difficult to come by, but our lovely floral selections here at Well Live Florist make the job easier. Shop now for the best, market-fresh flowers in Singapore! Our selections are perfect for housewarming, anniversaries, baby showers, and many more. Click here to view our complete collection or contact us for more enquiries.

Frequently Asked Questions About Housewarming Gift Ideas

What Is The Best Gift For Housewarming?

Any thoughtful gift from the heart will suffice. But flowers are a housewarming tradition, and you should have them on your list.

What Should You Put In A Housewarming Basket?

A housewarming gift basket can include:

  • Bottles of wine
  • Flowers
  • Personalised messages
  • Plushies
  • Chocolates
  • Diffuser oils

What Do You Put In A Housewarming Card?

Put your well-wishes on your housewarming card. You could write congratulatory messages like:

  • "Congratulations on finding a new place!"
  • "Hope you settle in smoothly. Wishing you happiness on your new journey in life."
  • "Sending my warmest regards for your new flat."

Why Is The Term Housewarming?

In the olden days, when central heating was not widely-available, housewarming referred to the literal act of "warming a new house" by lighting a fireplace with wood brought by the guests. The tradition also has cultural and religious significance. It is said that housewarming can help ward off evil spirits and welcome good fortune into a place.

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